When RC Motor cords melt or obtain extremely hot, it normally means something; more existing is moving with the cable than it is created to deal with. The option is as easy as updating to a larger gauge ( bigger size) cable. Nonetheless, there might be a trouble elsewhere that needs checking out, so it is best to inspect points out initially.

Why does the electric motor cord fume?

When an existing flows via a wire there is a specific amount of resistance to the current circulation. When present is stood up to, the wire heats up. The thinner the cord, the much less existing it can manage ( even more resistance to existing circulation) as well as the hotter it will certainly get. If automotive wire gets as well hot, the external casing can melt off. If this occurs, the cables can short out (touch together) and damage your electronic devices.

Usual reasons for high currents streaming

A. When you update to a much more effective RC Motor/ ESC system
B. If the vehicle is binding somehow
C. If you are making use of an extremely high gearing configuration ( reduced gear ratio) for full throttle

The service to the issue depends upon what is triggering the high current:

ESC/Motor upgrade

Conventional or stock electric motors (such as the silver can 540 motor) doesn't demand a great deal of power and present so are usually fitted with relatively slim wires - which are fine for these motor types. If you've just updated your Motor/ ESC but used the old thin wires from the 540 electric motor, the new electric motor is probably drawing a great deal much more current than the thin wire was developed for.


Merely change the electric motor cords with a larger scale cord (thicker diameter) that can deal with a lot more existing.

Wheels, bearings or parts binding as well as placing additional strain on the system

If there is something binding/jamming or quiting the wheels from rotating freely, the electric motor will have to work a whole lot harder. Harder work for the electric motor means drawing much more existing causing the motor cables to obtain hotter than they typically would. This will certainly also drain your battery quicker, so you will certainly have shorter run times each cost.


Inspect totally free movement of bearings, wheel screws are not over-tightened, inspect that the wheels spin openly which the transmission is additionally complimentary as well as smooth with minimal friction. Check any type of drive shafts or belts are functioning smoothly.

Make sure that the vehicle rolls along the ground openly as well as conveniently when no electric motor is involved (temporarily get rid of the pinion to examine free motion). This will not just improve efficiency, however it will certainly additionally give you longer run times because of greater performance.

Gear Ratio also low ( tailored for high speed).

If you are making use of a very reduced gear ratio ( biggest pinion and also smaller sized spur gear) to get optimal full throttle from your RC vehicle, this will certainly make the motor work harder on acceleration, meaning greater currents. The electric motor itself will additionally get hot due to the hard work it is doing.


Modification to a slightly greater gear proportion - this will assist maintain the electric motor as well as ESC colder and need to also reduce the currents that flow via the electric motor cable.

This is especially important when using the RC automobile off roadway - harsh terrain equals more moving resistance as well as even more benefit the motor. Greater running temperature levels and greater currents can move when running your rc vehicle off road.


Soldering larger scale cords is a simple means to fix the trouble when RC vehicle electric motor cords get as well hot or melt, however it is constantly best to inspect as well as guarantee the RC vehicle is running smoothly and also freely as it should.